3 Week Diet Plan: Day 1 To Day 7 – Liver Detox: First Stage

We have so far been talking about the 3 week diet plan set forth by nutritionist Brian Flatt. But now we’ll take to you each of its 4 phases. The first phase is, as you can probably tell, the Liver Detox Phase. And this phase lasts for a period of 7 days. So, in the 3 week diet plan: Day 1 to Day 7 you will be focusing on cleansing unhealthy toxins from your liver. But exactly why are you doing this? Well, let’s take a look now…

The 3 Week Diet
How a liver detox aids in weight loss

The liver acts like a filter in the body. Everything you eat or drink has to be digested, and the liver does this job. As a result it plays a big role in the metabolism and its speed. As you must already know, the metabolic rate is what determines how much fat and how many calories your body burns in a day. The faster the metabolism, the more calories are burnt.

But as the liver continues to filter all that you drink or eat, it starts to accumulate toxins and fat. And these compromise its filtering abilities. The result is that your liver function decreases, metabolic rate slows down and your body starts to retain more fat. But what a liver detox does is clear out the toxins and fats accumulated in the liver. The result is that the liver function greatly improves and it is able to filter out more of the fat and toxins you consume.

And as anyone who’s attempted a liver detox will tell you, it usually produces very fast weight loss results, and it’s like your metabolism gets a new lease of life!

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What foods can help to kick start your liver detox?

Since the liver is the ‘fat-pumping’ organ in the body, cleansing it means that in the 1 week long cleanse most people lose anywhere between 10-15 pounds! The aim of the phase is basically to flush out toxins and accumulated fats from the liver. But even as you do these, the process also improves adrenal function and insulin sensitivity – which together aid your weight loss efforts.

As for what you should be eating at this stage, the diet usually consists of vegetables and certain low fat proteins. You should aim to get a certain amount of vitamins A, C and D in your diet at this stage. As for what foods you can eat – they will differ from diet to diet. And this one by Brian Flatt allows 17 vegetables and 6 specific protein sources. As with all phases of the 3 Week Diet Plan, the efficacy of this combination of foods has also been scientifically tested for success. And you can be certain that you will also notice surprisingly quick results at this stage.

The 3 Week Diet
However, even as an occasional liver detox is very good for your body and liver, the diet isn’t one that you should continue for more than one or two weeks at the most. And more often than not, post liver detox you tend to start putting the weight back on. But to lose the weight and keep it off, what you need is a well-planned program that supports your body and helps it to keep the weight off and continue to keep losing any extra weight there may still be. And the 3 Week Diet Plan does just that! After you have gone through the 3 week diet plan: Day 1 to Day 7, the plan still guides you through the next 2 weeks so that you can get that slim and healthy body in the safest way possible!

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