3 Week Diet Plan: Day 9 To Day 11 – So You Lose ‘Fat Fast’!

As you may already know, the third phase of the 3 week diet plan for weight loss consists of something called a Fat Fast. The preceding phase has had you fasting for a straight 24 hours [3 week diet plan: Day 8], to increase your body’s fat burning efficiency, and also to give your digestion a much needed break. But this phase in the 3 week diet plan: day 9 to day 11 – also commonly known as the Fat Fast has a very significant role to play! Let’s check out the details…

The 3 Week Diet
What is a Fat fast?

The name would suggest that you actually get ‘fat fast’! But the truth is just the opposite. In fact, the name is possibly a shortened version of the phase ‘lose fat fast’. Now being the third phase of the 3 week diet plan, you will obviously continue to lose weight through these 3 days as well. Now let’s see what this phase involves. Like any regular fat fast, this diet too will have you consuming meals where 80% of the total calories come from fats – albeit good fats (not trans fats!)

While you have been led to believe that fats are actually bad for you – this phase is on the contrary very good for your liver and it is one of the phases that are slowly going to consolidate the weight loss trend for you. Also, most practitioners lose weight rapidly in the first phase and also lose some in the second, but chances are that not much of the weight is from the hip and belly regions. But when you reach the fat fast stage – the fat starts to ‘melt’ from around your middle!

What actually happens in a fat fast?

Now, you’ve learnt what you will be eating, and what results to expect. But exactly what goes on in your body at this stage? Here’s a brief explanation:

Your body has been somewhat fat deprived for the last 8 days because you have not been consuming much of it. And that means your body has had to burn whatever it could find for energy. Now when you reach this phase, having more calories will just make your body burn that, after all, calories are easier to burn for energy.

But when you cut back on carbs and increase your fat intake, you enter into a ketogenic diet phase. Your body, particularly your liver starts to now realize that carbs are not in abundance anymore. And energy production is necessary. In this situation it would normally start to burn muscle, but the large amount of fat you are consuming signals that it needs to start burning fat from now on.

What is the aim of a fat fast at this stage?

Now you may be asking, why is this phase even necessary? As we mentioned earlier – you have been depriving your body of both carbs and fats – both the body’s sources of energy. In their absence, the body may have started burning stored up fat, but it could also just as well start to burn your muscles – which is actually very harmful in the long run.

The 3 Week Diet
The high fat diet for these 3 days tells your body that from now on, it has to continue to burn mainly fats – from your body’s stores and from the food you eat. Another purpose that it serves is that in these 3 days you are actually training your body to do that. Which means that in the future too, when you eat, whatever you eat – your body will metabolize the fats in it very efficiently, instead of accumulating them, especially around your middle.

Overall, in the 3 week diet plan: day 9 to day 11 are important days for training your body. After all, any weight loss diet to be really good and healthy must be able to plan for the future as well and make your metabolism more efficient in the long run. The scientific method of the 3 week diet ensures that you don’t just lose weight in 21 days – but you also gain a much more healthy body – in just 3 weeks!

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