3 Week Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Do It Without Starving!

Normally the word ‘diet’ makes us think of starving ourselves and eating next to nothing. But literally the word can refer to any planned system of eating. And here is the 3 week diet plan for weight loss that will give you quick and permanent results – without starving! So – what is this 3 week plan? We’ll take a look now…

The 3 Week Diet
What is the 3 week weight loss diet plan?

It all started with a book written by famed nutritionist and health coach Brian Flatt. In his 96 page long book, he explained his revolutionary – and scientifically tried and tested – method for easy weight loss. According to his theory, which he did try out, the key to weight loss actually lies not in the food you eat or how much you work out – but actually within your body!

Likewise, he devised a weight loss plan – albeit involving both food and exercise – which was aimed at ‘training your body’. What the plan does is naturally and safely bring about intrinsic changes in your body so that the body itself starts to get rid of the stored fat.

The obvious next question is…

How does the plan work?

Well, here is the theory of it. What would happen if you were, say, stranded or marooned in a place without access to any food? After a while you’d start to starve. But starvation alone doesn’t kill a person – can you guess why? This is because when the body is starving it starts to burn all the stored fat and calories in the system to continue to produce the energy required for all your vital organs to continue to function. When your body is doing this, it is said to be in ‘Starvation mode’.

Now that is exactly what this diet simulates. Without you actually starving – and going without food – the diet only makes your body believe that it has entered into ‘Starvation mode’. In this state, the body starts to attack its own fat and calorie reserves and starts to burn them. The energy produced thereof is used to supply the major organs like the heart, liver, etc. However, since you aren’t actually starving, your body never really falls short on nutrition or the other beneficial ingredients in food.

The diet is actually divided into 4 phases – distinguished by how many days into the diet you are:

We have also collected detailed information about the method, use and results of each of these phases – do check those out.

And finally…

What sets this diet plan apart from all the rest?

The final things that one needs to look at are the pros and cons of such a diet plan. After all – where your body is concerned you wouldn’t want to take any chances by not doing your homework, would you? Now across numerous users of this diet, the only con that seems to emerge is the fact that the book is only available in the digital format. While this may be a problem for some, it is hardly a problem for people of the new-age technologically savvy generation. And if you are definitely one of them, you should now check out the pros now!

  • Firstly, since it is a 3 week program, it is great for those who just wasted a lot of time and are now standing maybe just a month away from some party or bog event. By every other method (except unhealthy and ineffective-in-the-long-run crash dieting) it’s impossible for you to lose the weight now. But with this diet plan you can do it – and do it easily!
  • Also, it has been specifically formulated for busy people. It doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours into elaborate shopping, food preparation or workouts. With this simple time saving plan, you can quickly lose the extra weight!
  • The plan approaches weight loss with a quick results approach. That means that no other plan or diet would have been able to give you quite the result this one can!
  • The entire program and every stage of it has been proven scientifically after testing – so you can rest assured that it will work, and that it will be completely safe for you.
  • While you tend to lose motivation with programs that last for a long time, 21 days is seen to be the perfect amount of time that the human mind can stay motivated!
  • And finally – the makers of the book guarantee a 60 day money back option in case you do not get the necessary weight loss results. And if it really didn’t work – they wouldn’t offer such a guarantee!

The 3 Week Diet
Over all – there are just too many pros for the 3 week diet plan for weight loss. And that is further evidenced through the multiple positive reviews that Brian Flatt has received for his book and plan. So – are you going to be trying it out now? Check out the rest of the details – and go ahead!

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