6 Exercises You Can Use to Burn Fat Fast and Effectively

Getting in shape is a goal that many people set, but not everyone achieves. There are various factors that can affect your chance of reaching your fitness goals, including what you eat and what exercises you do. One method that many people turn to is the use of fat burner exercises. These are often high intensity workouts, performed over a short period of time.

Does a Fat Burner Diet or Exercise Work?

While some claim that fat burners have been a key part of their weight loss, do fat burners really work and are they safe? Yes, they are effective and are a healthy way to lose weight or start getting in shape.

Exercises and diets that are designed to help you blast fat often rely on maximizing your body’s ability to burn energy, by increasing your metabolism or by targeting a specific part of the body.

#1 – 3 Week Diet

The 3 week diet is probably the fastest way to lose weight in a month or less. It will help reset your metabolism and increase your ability to burn fat and calories. People that have tried this diet have commented on how easy it is to stick to. One of the hardest parts of finding a quality diet is finding one that you want to follow through with.
Learn more about the 3 Week Diet, if you are interested in blasting fat fast.

#2 – Cycling

Cycling, either on a stationary bike or on the road, is a great way to blast fat on your thighs and your abdomen. Start your cycling routine by warming up for several minutes. Then cycle as fast as you can for 30 to 60 seconds, before slowing back down to a comfortable speed. After you catch your breath, do another 30 to 60 second long interval. Try to include at least 3 intervals each time you cycle.

Image Source: public-domain-image.com/free-images/sport/fitness-and-jogging/cycling-working-out-in-gym

Image Source: public-domain-image.com/free-images/sport/fitness-and-jogging/cycling-working-out-in-gym

#3 – Sumo Squats

Stand with your feet past shoulder width and keep your toes pointed outwards. Drop and perform a lunge, while keeping your back straight. Maintain your weight on your heels and then use your glutes and inner thighs to push yourself upward. Perform several sets of 10 repetitions. To increase the intensity of the workout, add a pair of dumbbells.

#4 – Donkey Leg Lifts

This is another simple exercise that can help you blast fat and improve your metabolism. Kneel to the floor and rest your forearms on the ground, so that your back is relatively parallel to the ground. Lift one leg back, as high as you are able to, and bring the leg back to the kneeling position. Repeat with your other leg. Perform a total of 15 repetitions with each leg for 3 sets.

#5 – Wall Squats

Wall squats work best when using an exercise ball and you can include dumbbells if you choose. Start by standing near the wall and position the exercise ball between your back and the wall. You should be able to stand comfortably with the ball behind your back. Move your feet, shoulder width apart.

Squat down, while keeping the ball centered, and stop when your thighs are horizontal. Stand and then repeat for 15 repetitions per set.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_training

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weight_training

#6 – Dumbbell Potato Squat

The dumbbell potato squat is similar to the Sumo squats, except you will require one dumbbell. Choose a weight that you can comfortably hold, but do not go with a weight that is too light. You want enough weight to help blast fat. Stand, ready for a squat, and perform a bicep curl. Hold the dumbbell towards your chest, at the top of the curl position.
Stretch your other arm out for balance and perform a squat, while keeping the dumbbell close to your center of gravity.

Start Blasting Fat

If you are ready to start blasting fat, try with some of the recommendations provided. Getting in shape, losing weight, and blasting fat does not have to be an overly complicated process. With the right tips, and by sticking with your plans, you can reach your fitness goals and finally achieve your ideal weight. Good luck and remember to stay hydrated.