7 Top Metabolism Boosting Foods: Are They in Your Diet?

Metabolic rate diminishes as people age. When thinking of losing weight in your 30s or 40s, you might find it hard to see progress even after spinning your wheels rigorously. Metabolism is the very process that burn calories from food ingested to the body. It converts consumed food into usable energy. The higher a person’s metabolic rate is, the faster it burns calories. Although exercise is known to be the most efficient method in boosting metabolism, there are also 7 foods that can help augment your body’s capacity to burn fat and lose weight.

Photo Credit : organicauthority.com

Photo Credit : organicauthority.com

1. Eggs and High Quality Proteins

Eating protein-rich food high kicks your metabolism gear every time. Some of the common sources of metabolism-boosting protein-rich foods are egg whites, lean red meats, poultry, fish, beans and nuts. Egg whites contain a chock-full of pure protein in low calorie form. Rich in riboflavin and selenium, it contains no cholesterol, carbohydrates or sugar. The best way to consume egg whites is to boil one whole egg then, remove the egg yolk before consuming.

2. Hot Chilis and Peppers

Chilis and peppers contain the all-natural fat-burning chemical Capsaicin. Not only does this give out its natural spicy pop of flavour, it is also proven to increase the body’s energy expenditure and capacity to burn fats. Capsaicin is also proven effective in improving digestion and fighting off bacterial infection. Acting as antioxidants, it rids the body of harmful free radicals for optimum health. Jalapenos, cayenne peppers and habaneros contain high levels of capsaicin.

3.  Oily Fish

Fish high in omega-3 essential fatty acids are considered good fats which gives the body’s metabolism a high kick. Rich in protein yet low in saturated fat, fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel are excellent source of nutrients that does not only aid in burning fat but also in improving cardiovascular health.

4. Psyllium Fiber

Ditch the whole-grain oat or wheat for a dash of psyllium husk. Rich in soluble fiber, it helps promote healthy digestion essential in metabolism. Psyllium fiber is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol great in reducing the risk of heart diseases. To make great pancakes, simply combine eggs, psyllium fiber and water for a great breakfast or snacks.

5. Pectin-Rich Fruits

Pectin is all-natural fiber found in fruits like oranges, grapefruit, apple, lemons, bananas, prunes, plums, grapes and berries. It is known to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, prevent colon and prostate cancer, and regulate diabetes and GERD. Fruits rich in pectin can either be eaten raw or made into juice, salads, yogurt and smoothies to help increase metabolic rate and aid in a healthier weight loss regimen. Munching on any of these foods for a quick snack proves to be an effective way to amp metabolism.

6. Skinless Turkey or Chicken

Turkey and chicken are meat that contains the lowest in cholesterol, that is, if skin is eliminated. High in protein, potassium, folic acid, zinc, and vitamins B, B1, and B6, it does not only rev up metabolism but also boost the immune system for fast healing.

7. Green Tea

Green tea has grown in popularity over the years as a metabolism booster. Many workout supplements boast of green tree extracts in the form of thermogenesis as a means to burn fats fast. Drinking all natural green tea, however, is far safer and effective. It increases a person’s energy levels and fat oxidation process leading to a faster, more efficient metabolism.

Bonus: Water

Eating or drinking the abovementioned foods can indeed, aid in revving up a person’s metabolism. To support this, a steady dose of at least 8 tall glasses of water on a daily basis will allow easy removal of waste and toxins, maintain glowing skin, increase mental and physical performance, and lose weight.

Photo Credit : mancademy.com

Photo Credit : mancademy.com

When it comes to the consumption of the above mentioned foods, the most efficient way in speeding up a person’s metabolic rate is to eat frequently in small portions. Eating five to six meals a day keep the digestive tract working sending signals for the brain to keep up. The brain then increases the body’s metabolism by using stored fats as energy. Add a dash of 30-minute light to moderate exercise and you are on your way to a healthier leaner you.