Before You Consider Them, Check Out: Do Fat Burners Work?

Losing weight isn’t an easy job, if you consider it. Yes, there are ways to lose weight quickly – but most of them take quite a bit of work and diet control. And as a result, a lot of people looking to take the easy way out resort to supplements called fat burners, which allegedly do just that! But not every fat burner is actually good for you, as you must’ve heard.

And that brings us to the all-important question – do fat burners work? And if they indeed do – are they safe?

And to get at those answers, we need to start with a few other facts…


What are fat burners?

As mentioned earlier, fat burners are supplements that are purported to help your body to lose weight by losing accumulated fat or by accelerating the speed at which fat from the food consumed is burnt. So what are fat burners in composition? They are usually compounds like ephedra, HCA, pyruvate or chitosan – all of which are substances that in some way alter the way your body processes fat.

So how exactly do fat burners work?

Usually, these compounds as well as other fat burners like gnc burn 60 and hydroxycut, work towards speedy weight loss by altering your metabolism. As you may already know, the metabolic rate has much to do with the weight you put on and the weight you carry. The slower your metabolic rate, the more fat is stored by the body. On the other hand, a fast metabolism means that the fat gets converted to energy sooner than it can be stored! And these compounds use one or another of the ways to accelerate the metabolism. We’ve listed a few here:

  • They may contain appetite suppressants in addition to substances that boost your metabolism. This means that your body burns fat more efficiently and you don’t suffer from hunger pangs either.
  • Others called thermogenic compounds actually raise your body temperature. A higher body temperature automatically increases the metabolic rate.

There are of course others which aren’t all that good – they only contain hunger suppressants and aim to bring about weight loss through controlling food intake alone. But these aren’t all that effective or good in the long run either.

Now for the last bit….

Separating myth from fact

Many fat burner supplement advertisements and promoters will tell you that you can lose weight using them even as you continue to eat all the junk food you want to eat and without any exercising. But nothing can help you if you eat unhealthy and remain sedentary. Yes, many fat burners do work, for instance hydroxycut elite green coffee. But even these are at the most supplements and act to supplement. The effort to lose weight has to be yours – and for the same you need to exercise properly and eat balanced and healthy meals.

And with the help of fat burners, you can actually speed up the weight loss. You’ll see more pronounced effects with the use of these supplements than you would without them. And since you are leading a healthy lifestyle, the supplements will not affect your health either.

So, as far as the question – do fat burners work? – goes – the answer is that some definitely do. But they only make losing weight easier in conjunction with proper exercise and diet. By themselves they are neither healthy nor effective!