Did I Sabotage My Metabolism? Learn How to Boost Metabolism

Do you have trouble shedding a few pounds? Having a healthy metabolism can help you lose weight and convert food into energy. As your metabolism slows, your body has a more difficult time digesting food and burning calories. If you are worried about sabotaging your metabolism, look for the signs of a slow metabolism and then use 6 tips to help boost your metabolism.

Signs of a Slow Metabolism

There are many ways to tell if your metabolism has been slowing down. The first sign, for most people, is gaining weight. If your weight is starting to increase, and you have not made any major changes to your diet or lifestyle, then the culprit could be a slowing metabolism.

Digestion problems and gastric discomfort are both signs of a weakened metabolism. When your stomach is forced to hold fatty foods for too long of a period, your body will try to force them out. This leads to indigestion, heartburn, stomach pains, and digestive problems.

If you have noticed that you are regularly winded or fatigue quicker than you normally would, you may have a slow metabolism. While low energy and fatigue can both be signs of a vitamin B or iron deficiency, these issues could also point to your metabolism.

Fatigue, lower energy, digestion problems, and weight gain are a few of the main signs that you may notice, as your metabolism slows. The sooner you take action to boost your metabolism, the sooner these symptoms will disappear.

Top Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism

The following tips will help you increase your metabolism, regardless of your current physical condition. Take a look at each suggestion and then begin using these methods to improve your health:

#1 – Follow the 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is designed to help you lose weight and get in shape. Following the diet will improve your metabolism, assisting in the process of burning more calories and dropping pounds. It is an easy diet to stick to, with plenty of options and substitutions.

#2 – Increase the Intensity of Your Workout

When you feel that your regular workout is no longer helping you maintain your metabolism, increase the intensity of your workout. This will allow you to burn more energy and consume more oxygen. Try pushing yourself for 30 seconds at a time, during your workouts.

#3 – Eat More Food with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in a lot of different foods, especially fish, including salmon, tuna, and some vegetables, such as spinach, kale, and some seaweeds. These fatty acids will improve the balance of blood sugar in your body and reduce inflammation. Include more foods that can an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in your regular diet.

#4 – Increase Your Muscle Mass

Muscles use more energy than body fat, which means your body will build up its metabolism, as you increase your muscle mass. In addition to cardio workouts, everyone should try to include some strength training. Purchase some weights and start incorporating a selection of weight training exercises into your daily routine.

#5 – Drink Green Tea

Green tea can be found on most health food plans. This is due to the antioxidants and an active ingredient called catechin. The antioxidants and other nutrients in the green tea will improve your digestion and fat oxidation. This works out to more energy and a stronger metabolism, with a minimal amount of effort. Drink up to 5 cups of green tea each day, for the best results.

#6 – Maintain Your Calories

Many people make the mistake of cutting calories when they begin gaining weight. If a slower metabolism is the reason for your weight gain, then cutting back on your caloric intake will just make the problem worse. You need to maintain your calories, maybe even eat more, in order to keep your metabolism active and efficient.


As soon as you suspect that your metabolism is slowing down, take action. You do not need to include every suggestion provided, to get positive results. There are many ways to start increasing your metabolism, so choose a few options that will work best with your daily routine.