3 Week Diet Plan – Day 12 to Day 21: The Last Stage Is Here!

So we have so far been talking about this revolutionary diet plan that can help you to quickly lose weight without compromising on your health! If health wasn’t one of your concerns (though it should always be your FIRST concern) – a crash diet would probably also do just fine in the short term. But this one is revolutionary simply because it manages to be healthy being scientifically tried and tested – and it achieves goal weight loss in 21 days! And today we’ll be discussing the last phase of the 3 week diet plan – Day 12 to Day 21!

The 3 Week Diet
What is the last phase?

The last phase lasts for 9 days, as you can probably already tell. But this phase differs significantly from the last 3 phases. Through the first 3 phases, you have achieved a few necessary goals:

  • You have taught your body to burn fat more readily for energy.
  • You have detoxified your liver and digestive system, and
  • You have trained your body to never reach for muscles to burn as a ready source of energy.

These 3 achievements serve two main purposes – they make this last phase a lot more useful than it would otherwise be – and they train your body to maintain a healthy weight in the future.

So what does this last phase entail? Here you will be working out your BMR and then tailoring your meals to suit this. Calculating your unique BMR is part 1 of this phase. Thereafter you will have to learn to create meals that are based on your BMR and aimed to bring you down to your desired weight in the number of days left. This brings us to the next question…

What is BMR?

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. There is no point in calculating that now – for anything other than to measure the rate of success. This is because all the 3 preceding stages of this diet are aimed at speeding up this rate.

Now to explain the term. You know that for every activity you carry out – be it even raising your hand – you need to expend energy. So everything a human being does will increase the amount of energy their body needs. But when the body is at rest, it still needs a basic amount of energy. And this is not for ‘activity’, but rather for all the bodily functions, including the operation of the organs that make up the body. The Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR refers to the rate of this minimum energy expenditure.

It calculates how much energy your body is latently burning – in the absence of any outwardly activity – in Kilo-calorie per day.

So – for this last phase you will need to know how to calculate these figures. And the fact is that this diet will help you do that perfectly!

Why choose the 3 week diet plan?

Firstly, the diet is very well laid out and tried and tested numerous times at numerous stages. In fact, Brain Flatt, the writer, actually ensures that you are able to understand the exact calorie based calculation of BMR properly and gives you meticulous instructions so that there is no error in calculation. When it is your health in question, being correct about your BMR is crucial!

The 3 Week Diet
And another thing to note – since you have gone through the first 3 phases already – this will ensure that you do not experience any hunger pangs, cravings, uneasiness or any other discomfort during this phase. Your body has learnt to adapt and will actually sail through this phase with ease!

All in all, the 3 week diet plan is the way to go. And that is not only because of the 3 week diet plan – Day 12 to Day 21 phase, but because the entire diet plan is aimed at making you lose weight fast, in a healthy manner, without any side effects, and for all practical purposes, as a permanent fix! So – when are you getting your copy?

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