Take A Look At How To Increase Your Metabolism Safely!

Rapid weight loss can be of two types – the unhealthy and the healthy. The unhealthy ones consist of quick weight loss through starving. In other words you eat really dismal and small meals – and in its quest for energy your body starts to burn muscles, tissues and some of the stored fat. But the result is that this actually puts your body in distress and soon enough you will not be able to control the urge to binge – putting an end to your ‘crash diet’. On the other hand you have the healthy way to lose weight fast – a quicker and more efficient metabolism. And how to increase your metabolism? We bring you the details here!

The basics of increasing your metabolism

Your metabolism is a completely natural and essential process in the body. By this process, the food you eat is digested, and the energy from it is extracted through burning or oxygenation. It automatically follows that the more efficient this system is, the more energy you will have.

Also, the thing with carbs and fats in the body is that if they are not utilized completely, the balance just gets stored in the body as fat. A quick metabolism greatly reduces this fat accumulation – and in turn also helps to burn the accumulated fat in your body, making you healthier.

So, what are the ways to increase your metabolism? Well, as the process is natural, the ways to make it more efficient are also completely natural! And here are the top ways to do it:


  • Certain foods boost your metabolism, whereas certain foods inhibit it. Our diet should consist of the former kind. Also, how and when you eat plays a big role in metabolism.
  • Exercise, workouts or any physical activity – and how you go about with them – also work towards increasing your metabolism.
  • And finally, there are certain vitamins that, when consumed as part of your meals, increases your metabolic rate by increasing its efficiency.

And now let’s briefly check out each of the above…

Foods that increase metabolism 

It has been proven that proteins and fiber in the food actually requires more energy to digest. By requiring more energy, they are also pushing your body to burn more fat/carbs for energy – thereby giving your metabolism a boost. Proteins are made up of amino acids – which all help to speed up your metabolism. As a result, you should eat foods that are high in protein, fiber and nutritional vitamins and minerals – instead of sticking to simple carbs and high fat foods.

After food comes…

What is the best metabolism increasing workout plan?

To do your workout, your body requires energy. Some of this energy, it is used to providing. But if you could increase the amount of energy needed by your body – your metabolism will automatically step up to fill in the gap. And the aim of the metabolism increasing workout plan is just that. It should be aimed at increasing your body’s need of energy, without leading to extreme fatigue or injury. Find example here.

After food and exercise, we come to….

Metabolism boosting vitamins

Your body contains a fine balance of minerals and vitamins that it makes use of in its daily functions. Vitamins and minerals are therefore essential for your body to function properly. For instance, the right vitamins can help to increase the amount of fat burnt, and muscle built. Or they can make the process of fat burning more efficient. And of course, certain minerals and vitamins are also essential for your glands to maintain the metabolic process.

Now many people will resort to taking pills and supplements for this – but most of the needed ones are present in plenty in healthy food choices. So, ideally, you should seek to get these from the food you eat!

Now, one other thing that you should keep in mind is that metabolism is a normal bodily function. And as with all bodily functions, this too will start to lose efficiency and slow down with age. This is the normal progression. But that doesn’t mean that those on the other side of 40 cannot speed up their metabolism. Yes, it does require a little bit more work – but for the sake of health, this isn’t much. And to help you with that as well, we have compiled a handful of tips on how to increase your metabolism after 40. If age has started to worry you – then do go and check those out!