Why Some People Have Faster Metabolism While Others Don’t?

Consider yourself lucky if you’re one of the people who have fast metabolism. Others who don’t, tend to wonder as to what are the factors behind why some people have faster metabolism while others don’t? If you too are eager to find out please read on…

There are a lot of ways to speed up your metabolism. But first, understanding why some don’t have fast metabolism and how the whole things works is very important. We have different bodies and each body type has its certain needs and wants. One particular diet play may not work for the other.


Metabolism is divided into two parts – catabolic and anabolic reaction. The former breaks food for easy digestions and to allow the nutrients from the food go where it’s supposed to be. On the other hand, the latter takes place for building new tissues and taking care of your body.

Naturally, this leads to the question…

How Do You Know if You Have Fast Metabolism?

The first sign that you should notice is that you have a hard time gaining weight or muscle.

Causes of Fast Metabolism


Genetics play a huge role in terms of metabolism. And that takes it to the three different body types:

  • Mesomorphs (athletic build)
  • Endomorphs (bigger bodies)
  • Ectomorphs (thin build)

People who are ectomorphs are usually the ones with fast metabolism and they have a hard time gaining weight or putting on muscle.

Another thing to consider is an overactive thyroid gland, which can also cause fast metabolism. However, this condition must be taken care of by a doctor qualified enough to address the issue.

Stress and smoking also tend to result in a quickened metabolism. However, these two aren’t healthy and cannot be recommended as good ways to boost your metabolism.


How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Healthily?


  1. Right Amount of Calorie Intake – Watch your calories! You get the energy from the food that you eat every single day. And in that case, metabolism converts the food to fuel or energy. Knowing your basal metabolic rate is very important because this will allow you to know the exact amount of calories ideal for you to take each day. Knowing this will help speed up your metabolism and at the same time, maintain your weight.
  2. Calorie Calculator – one of the biggest tools that will help you in speeding your metabolism is having a calorie calculator. There are plenty of apps there that you can download. This will give you the ideal calorie intake that you should take daily.
  3. Workout regularly – how many times have you heard that exercise is good for your overall being? Because it really is! And when it comes to your metabolism. Exercise plays such a huge role. So make sure that you exercise daily. You don’t have to go through strenuous exercise, a 30-minute run or walk will do. Just as long as you commit to it!
  4. Consider Strength Training – or rather, lifting. Why? Because lifting a pound can burn more calories! So, consider doing it!
  5. It’s Okay to Have a Snack Before Bedtime – not eating after 8pm may be applicable to some diets but if you want a faster metabolism, having a snack before you sleep will boost your metabolism in the morning. That’s much better than having none!

Now that you know the basics about metabolism, this may have answered the question why do some people have faster metabolism and others don’t? And also, you can now speed up your metabolism! Keep in mind that your having a sound metabolism is very important to your overall health, not just for losing weight.